Malley Sports Ltd. specialises in designing and creating innovative and distinctive customised sportswear. We design and manufacture premium quality custom made sports products, including tracksuits, hoodies, windcheaters, t-shirts, poloshirts and many more.  

We are now offering Free Delivery within the UK and Ireland. 

Malley Sport Ltd has become a major international brand supplying over 300'000 garments to athletes around the world including Australia, Ireland, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Austria, Poland, USA, Luxembourg, Portugal, Norway and Italy. Malley Sport is now the supplier to many major clubs, associations, national teams and international teams. Malley Sports Ltd is wholly Irish owned and operated. The company rapidly built a reputation for its innovative approach to design.

The product range has been developed to fulfil the needs of the modern club player and supporter, from technical training and match day apparel to a superior lifestyle and supporters range. The emphasis remains on unique designs, excellence, performance and durability. 

From the very beginning, Malley Sport set out to revolutionise the way club sports gear was made. Malley Sport now operates from bigger, more sophisticated premises in Dublin and Mayo in Ireland, Nottingham in the UK and Warsaw in Poland but the same hands on passion for perfection in every detail, greater performance from every product and the highest standards of service, still burns as strongly as the very first day.




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